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Lake Maggiore, Italy

Why choose Lake Maggiore?

The beauty of Lake Maggiore, north of Milan, is found in its many magnificent parks. Carefully groomed trees, flowers and grounds populate the splendid show gardens as a feast for the eyes and nose. Boat services take visitors back and forth to the various lake towns. A car ferry helps make it easier to visit the surrounding islands. Some of the largest meeting and congress hotels can be found here. With almost 400 hotels, there’s sure to be one that exactly fits your company’s needs. The beautiful lake and mountain views fill meeting windows with natural light, making the work day a pleasant experience. Amazing lakeside venues are widely available for dinners. It’s even possible to take over one of the fantastic Borromeo Islands for private gala dinners. With mountains, a lake, several islands and innumerable sites to see, there’s plenty to do for team building and down time as well.

Points of Interest

  • Events can be any size; great for a few people or hundreds
  • Some of the largest meeting and congress hotels in Italy
  • 349 hotels and 494 convention rooms
  • Easy access from anywhere in the world
  • Visits around the lake and to the Borromeo islands by private boat
  • Huge opportunity for sports activities, including mountain biking, trekking, orienteering and adventure parks
  • 50 kilometers and 45 minutes from Milan Malpensa airport

Activity Highlights

Villa Taranto Villa Taranto

Isola Bella island is sure to impress with six grottoes; each grotto is encrusted with shells and pebbles. The Sala della Muscia holds rare musical instruments, and the domed Salone delle Feste is an ornate, entricate site to see. Villa Taranto is covered in over 20,000 plant varieties. Not all are native to Italy; some can be found as far away as the Amazon rain forests. For the adventuresome teams, Lake Maggiore has a 1.850 meter zipline. Firmly attached to a cable, individuals arrive at their destination in just over 90 seconds, having flown at a hefty speed of 75 mph. Perfect for companies where thrill seeking is the name of the game.

Team Building Activities

Don’t forget to ask us about our team building activities! Here are just a few available in this delightful area: Storyboard Plays – Give your team an unforgettable experience as interpersonal relationships are created and strengthened. Each member has a role to play as teams reconstruct a scene in the city. Fun for all, using the personal skills available to each individual. Street Party – Pure fun and Italian lakefront provides a great setting for team members to relax after a hard day. The Isola Bella island turns into a large fiesta with delicious food varieties, wine tastings and plenty of local music. Adventure Parks – Raging in the wild. Climbing, crossing suspended bridges, jumping into breathtaking slides, cycling on rugged paths… there are a thousand ways to have fun and put your team to the test. Funny Beach Olympics – Enjoy a collection of fun beach games and sports while challenging the other teams to become the champion. Water relay, Giant Beach Bowling and Pipes are just a few of the hilarious games your guests will enjoy as they grow in teamwork, communication and leadership skills.

Team Building Activity of the Month

WacKy RacEs – Build a Boat

How long will it take for your boat to sink? Will it last to the end of the race? These questions are answered in one of the funniest team building activities ever made, WacKy RacEs: Build-a-Boat. Teams will build a boat out of cardboard or recycled material and then race each other in a pool, lake, or even the sea, with at least on volunteer on board. Build-a-Boat is enhanced by special challenges that award the winners with more materials and instruments, guaranteeing an exceptional and multifaceted experience. Why choose WacKy RacEs:
  • Highly captivating and interactive team-building activity.
  • Deeply collaborative event which focuses the group on key skills like creative problem-solving, time-management, delegation, communication, strategy, decision-making.
  • Fits any recycling, eco or “green” theme.
  • 100% led by facilitators
  • Absolutely safe!
Pizzoccheri, from the Lombardy region, can be found at the store, but making these short buckwheat noodles is a pleasant addition to your cooking experiences.
INGREDIENTS (4 servings) FOR PASTA ½ lb buckwheat flour, black 2 ½ oz all-purpose flour Âľ cup water FOR DRESSING 3 ½ oz butter Âľ lb cabbage ½ lb Casera cheese, (or a whole cow’s milk cheese) 3 ½ oz grated Parmigiano Reggiano cheese salt to taste 2 cloves of garlic PREPARATION Mix the flours together on a cutting board or a flat work surface, then knead with the water: work the dough with your hands or with the mixer for at least 15 minutes or until the mixture is smooth and velvety to the touch. Roll the dough into very thin sheets, less than 1/10 inch thick, using a rolling pin or with the aid of a pasta machine: then cut the dough into 3-inch wide strips. Stack the strips of dough on top of one another and cut across the width, to obtain large rectangular pizzoccheri 1/5 inch wide and 3 inches long. Cut the cheese into very thin slices Casera and set aside (to toss with the pizzoccheri). Bring a large pot of water to a boil and add cabbage cut into pieces. After five minutes, salt the water and also add the pizzoccheri, which should cook – with the water at a full boil – for 7 to 10 minutes. Before you drain the pasta, check to make sure it is al dente. Remove some of the pizzoccheri and cabbage from the pot using a slotted spoon and and place them in a baking dish: sprinkle with grated Parmigiano Reggiano and Casera cheese. Continue alternating layers of pizzoccheri and cheese, until you have used all the ingredients. Meanwhile, melt the butter over low heat in a pan with peeled garlic cloves. When butter has melted remove the garlic, pour it over the pizzoccheri. Serve immediately. Recipe from: Academia Barilla