Not Holding Corporate Events? 5 Reasons Why You Should

As a business owner or manager, you’re aware how important social media is. After all, your company is expected to react to people like… a person. Yet, while social media is being touted as the perfect thing for companies to “get to know” their clients, constituents and employees, something even better for your company is being replaced: the real, live, in-your-face, meet and greet company event.

Let’s look at a few real-world reasons your company should be holding events – no matter how big or small.

1. Making face-to-face connections

While you’re out there shaking proverbial hands of potential customers, clients and employees, you could be literally shaking their hands. Of course, it takes a little extra time; it’s faster to just push out 140 characters of a Tweet, right? -But what about really connecting? And who better to keep connected with than your star employees or your high-paying, loyal clients? Yes, you want more of these, but you should also be cultivating the ones you have.

2. Creating a strong community

Events really do help bring people together. I’m reminded of several global events – and not team events, either – where the attendees left a little sad because new life-long friends had to go back to their own state or country. Yes, social media can be powerful, but meeting people in person and sharing a real-world experience with them is even more so.

3. Strengthen your brand

Events create life-long brand advocates. Attendees will remember your brand, no doubt. They won’t forget the gala dinner at that 5-star hotel in Rome, or the ride in the gondolas of Venice. They won’t forget the company that brought them there, either. On top of that, event goers almost always bring someone with them – which means increased exposure.

4. Trust building

Have you ever seen that M&M commercial, where Santa and the M&Ms both faint? “OH! They do exist!” Holding an event, especially if your company is new, adds further to the impression that you’re an “up and comer.” The company is real, and well enough off to hold events.

5. Become a thought leader

We live in a world where influencers drive sales. How much more would it be to be thought as someone who drives new ideas, or supports innovative collaboration? Don’t be afraid to look outside the box or invite the so-called competition to attend and share. They may have something to say, but your company will always stand as the leader.