Incentive Trip to Parma

Destination: Parma

Client: Banking Institution

Number of participants: 70

Type of Event: Professional Visits & Incentive Activities

The Grand Hotel de la Ville, part of Barilla complex in Parma, hosted the top managers arriving from the south of France for this important event.

First gourmet impact: a lunch based on regional specialties – Parma ham of course, homemade pasta and panna cotta…a perfect beginning! During the afternoon a guided visit of Parma and dinner in Piazza Garibaldi in the heart of the city.

Professional visits were mixed with visits of the Emilia-Romagna region – land of gastronomy and motors. The evening was spent visiting an estate that produces the famous ‘Culatello di Zibello” – the top of the top of cured meat around the Parma area and then their winery, tasting wine produced by their own fields followed by a gourmet dinner in the cellar – guarded by hundreds of Parmesan cheeses!

One of the best days began with a visit of an “acetaia” in Modena – the long process leading to the production of the famous traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena. Hours were spent visiting the vineyards with one of the oldest family run vinegar producers in Modena that prepare the precious elixir to be used in the kitchen for all kinds of recipes.

Lunch followed at the Formigine Castle and a visit at a Lamborghini factory – a perfect example of the Italian know-how and design. It’s a real gem factory producing tailor made cars in a rainbow of colors. The day ended with a private opening of the Ferrari museum and a gala evening in the Hall of Glory where the cars of the winning Formula 1 races are displayed.

Before returning to the airport, our guests visited a farm producing the best Parmesan cheese in the area – a masterpiece of an Italian tradition!