International Meeting in Rome

Destination: Rome

Client: Veterinary Pharmaceutical Company

Number of participants: 50

Type of event: International Meeting

This important international meeting in Rome welcomed members of a large veterinary pharmaceutical company. The participants, coming from all continents, stayed at the luxurious Hotel Aldrovandi Villa Borghese in the heart of the Eternal City.

While most of the time was spent hard at work in the meeting, there were moments for relaxation and enjoyment of the city.

The participants had the privilege of visiting the prestigious art collection of the Galleria Borghese which was opened exclusively for them. The evening ended with dinner in a typical Roman restaurant.

The program also included a wine tasting and dinner that were held in a necropolis on the Ancient Appian Way. The guests, having been divided into teams, were also involved in a creative team building activity where each team, supported by an artist, had to agree on how to paint a canvas that might be representative of their company’s values. At the end, the various canvases were assembled to compose one large piece of art.