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What Makes Fiuggi An Excellent Incentive Destination?

In the midst of beautiful chestnut woods, a small Italian village of less than 11,000 people holds the history of centuries. All it’s history and more are written on the streets of the village, but what draws most of the 200,000 visitors a year are its waters. Popes, heads of state, princes and paupers have come to Fiuggi to drink its mineral waters, famed for healing properties.

Today, the village of Fiuggi is an eclectic mix of ancient and modern. Intricate brick walkways merge with concrete sidewalks. New hotels mix with small palaces. Lifelike statuary, beautiful parks and enchanting walking routes blend with modern spas, well-maintained golf courses, and delightful restaurants.

An amazing 5-star hotel resides in Fiuggi, providing an excellent location for large events. With a variety of room sizes, there are many opportunities to hold smaller, select meetings and team building activities. Along with the 5-star hotel, there are numerous 4-star hotels, so Fiuggi is extremely flexible in size.

Points of Interest

  • Perfect for events needing lots of space
  • Large 5 star hotel in the “grand hotel” style.
  • Ample meeting space and excellent food and beverage services.
  • Large spa, indoor and outdoor pool.
  • Famous golf course
  • Numerous 4 star hotels
  • Various high quality restaurants
  • Several castles to visit and dine at
  • Countless possibilities for sports activities
  • Farmhouses to hold events or activities


  • 100 kilometers and 1 hr 15 minutes from Rome Fiumicino airport
  • 75 kilometers and 1 hr from Rome Ciampino airport
  • 80 kilometers and 1 hr 15 minutes from the center of Rome

Activity Highlights

St. Benedict's Monastery St. Benedict’s Monastery

A visit to Anagni, City of Popes, is a must-do. Many Ancient Roman leaders and four popes made their homes here, and the Anagni Cathedral stands as one of the most beautiful examples of medieval architecture in Italy.

Visiting Subiaco and the Monastery of St. Benedict is taking a step into history. Visitors walk through the same caves, gardens and cloisters as the ancient saints and medieval monks.

There are also many opportunities for light treks throughout the regions, numerous high quality restaurants, and wine tasting in local vineyards. The views, atmosphere and history help make Fiuggi one of Italy’s hidden gems.

Team Building Activities

Don’t forget to ask us about our team building activities!

LipDub – Create a team music video with lip synching and audio dubbing. The activity will strengthen the group and awaken the enthusiasm, stimulating creativity and resolving shyness.

Tiny Shades – Build a famous art piece through shades of water color in cans, tins or glasses. Helps create a strong “team” spirit.

Pit-Stop 500 – Construct a 1960s Fiat 500 model in the least amount of time possible. Race the finished cars, Flintstone style, down a racetrack. Promotes healthy competition, strong team building and lots of fun!

Team Building Activity of the Month

Pit Stop – 500

This game can be organized outdoors or indoors.

Aim of the game:

To construct, in the least amount of time possible a 1960s Fiat 500 model. The car will have to work and this will be proven on a “racetrack”.

Each team will be given:

  • “Forex” panels of 0.5 millimeters with graphics
  • Wheels
  • Toolbox
  • Mechanics clothes
  • Electric starter
  • Personalized caps with the company logo
  • Instruction manual
  • 3 “Pit stop” cards
  • 1 digital camera
  • Bottles of water
  • Gadget for all of the participants
  • 2 helmets

Each team can use up to 3 “Pit stop” cards to interrupt the progress of a rival team. The team against which the card is used will have to stop building the car and perform a mission. Once the cars have been built a “race” with the participants actually “driving” the car (Flinstone style) can be organized.


Pasta alla Ciociara is a delicious dish of Fiuggi and the surrounding area, prepared with freshly peeled tomatoes, sliced bell peppers, and black olives. Cooked with pasta and topped with pecorino romano cheese, this regional dish is sure to delight.

1 lb Italian Spaghetti
4 oz Black olives
2 tomatoes
1 green or red pepper (chopped)
2 tablespoons grated Pecorino Romano cheese
2/3 c extra virgin olive oil
Salt to taste
Pepper to taste

Step 1: Dip the tomatoes briefly in boiling water, peel and chop.

Step 2: Peel the peppers, remove the seeds and cut into pieces.

Step 3: Put in a frying pan with oil, add the tomatoes, the pepper and the pitted olives; a little salt and pepper thoroughly.

Step 4: While the vegetables are cooking, boil the spaghetti, drain slightly to dente and cook them in the pan with the vegetables.

Sprinkle with pecorino and serve immediately.

Recipe from: Buonissimo